Gross Motor Skills

Collection: Gross Motor Skills

At Sensory Play Store we understand how important motor skill development is for your child's independence, living skills, and confidence. Our fantastic range of motor tools are specially designed to boost your child's fine motor and gross motor skills while keeping them entertained and active. 

We have a growing range of tools to develop fine motor skills  . From squishy and stretchy balls to fidgets. These sesnory toys are all designed to develop dexterity, improve hand-eye coordination and build precision in those tiny fingers. 

We have huge range of Gross Motor Tools which will have your child leaping, climbing and balancing around with pure joy. Soft play equipment is our core product line, promoting large muscle control. It offers an assortment of foam shapes and activities. These promote active play which develops coordination, balance and overall fitness while enhancing social skills and imagination. Our Soft Play Equipment is covered in quality lasting vinyl and made using high density foam.