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Sit and Spin Whizzy Dizzy - 55cm

Sit and Spin Whizzy Dizzy - 55cm

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Take a spin on the Sit and Spin Whizzy Dizzy! This classic twist and turn carousel helps kids develop motor skills and co-ordination, while providing a fun and stimulating experience. 

By spinning the large disk with their upper body and using their hands to move the smaller disk, children can improve their bilateral co-ordination and persistence. Plus, the spinning action provides excellent vestibular input for an extra boost of sensory play.

Features of the Whizzy Dizzy Sit and Spin

  • very strong high-grade plastic
  • steel shafting centre 
  • 55 cm diameter and 30 cm high
  • can withstand upto 50kg
  • suitable fir children ages 3 years and older
  • twist and turn carousel for kids

What are you waiting for? Spin that wheel! It's not just about twirling around on a kid's carousel; it's a balancing act! Kiddos get to show off their steering skills by spinning faster and faster. All this fun is sneaky exercise in disguise!

Pop into our store to try it out - will be in store late April

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