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Jari Stools

Jari Stools

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 Jari Active Stool is the ultimate adjustable wobble stool!

The Jari Activstool is one of the most popular gas lift wobble stools used in classrooms and offices. The Jari stool's design prevents you from sitting still, encouraging constant movement that helps you stay focused and attentive. Its rotating convex base acts as one leg of a stable tripod, while your own legs provide the other two parts.

Did you know Jari means movement? The Active movement on the stool results in continuous flexing and adjusting, creating the perfect environment for concentration and productivity. 

Additionally, the gas lift design is perfect for adjusting the height of the wobble stool, making this more practical and suitable for all learning spaces and the perfect fit for everyone.  "No need for getting different sized stools, Jari does it all!"

Ordering in bulk for your school or workplace - request a quote for special pricing!

Features of the Jari Wobble Stool

  • Gas lift adjustable height from 40 - 50 cm
  • 305 mm seat diameter 
  • Solid weighted base means less chances of tipping over.
  • Ergonomic design
  • Strengthens core and assists posture.
  • Suits various settings and uses.
    • classrooms
    • libraries
    • study groups
    • collaborative learning
    • even great for when I attend markets
  • Available in 4 colours Orange, Red, Blue and Green with white base.

I personally love my Jari Active Stool especially when I'm holding a market stall as it allows me to easily rotate and serve customers whilst supporting my posture. As a result, I don't suffer with the back aches from slouching in a camper chair. 

If you are local, pop into the store and try the Jari ActivStool for yourself.  

Suitable for upper primary aged children right up to adults.

Looking for a wobble stool that is suitable for 3-8 year olds? Try our Bloom Wobble Stool which is available 4 different sizes/heights. 

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