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Therapy Peanut Ball

Therapy Peanut Ball

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Get ready to strengthen and balance with the Therapy Peanut Ball! Its unique peanut shape provides more stability for improved gross motor skills and balance. Sensory peanut balls are ideal for kids struggling with developmental delays or low muscle tone. Plus, it's great for sensory seeking behaviours providing balance (vestibular input).

Features of the Therapy Peanut Ball

  • ridged surface provides extra grip
  • 75 cm long in total and 35cm diameter of ball ends. Size shifts during use
  • weight limit of 120kg
  • comes with manual pump to inflate
  • durable design
  • safe for various fitness exercises and rehabilitation

The Sensory Peanut Ball Comes in an assortment of colours, selected at random. Colours include: blue, grey, purple, pink and red.

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