About Sensory Play Store - Sensory Tools in Australia

Sensory Play Store is your friendly shop for sensory tools in Australia. We offer a growing range of sensory toys and educational resources. These support inclusive education, catering to individuals with autism, ADHD and the neurodivergent community. Additionally, as an Australian-owned and founded sensory store, we are dedicated to providing parents, teachers and professionals with a personalised service. Moreover, we offer effective therapy tools that promote relaxation and focus. Whether for childcare centres, schools, the home or office, our sensory toys will assist in managing sensory input, social and emotional regulation and improve overall well-being. 

Sensory Play Store founder. Sensory toys Australia and therapy products

Our founder is a highly qualified special educator and early interventionist. Furthermore, with over 12 years experience as an inclusive educator she has a comprehensive background. This includes collaborating with multidisciplinary teams and allied health professionals. As a result, she brings valuable expertise to our sensory store. Additionally, she knows the educational value and benefits of sensory toys.

Where to buy your sensory tools in Australia?

Visit our friendly store for all your sensory toy needs. Located at 3/28 Laurence St, Hobartville in the Hawkesbury region of Greater Sydney. Then meet our dedicated team which consists of parents who have neurodiverse children themselves. They are truly passionate about our therapy products and industry as a whole. Providing exceptional care and empathy to our customers. 

Shop now  for your sensory tools in Australia from a store you can trust who values quality and understands your needs. 

For additional services and resources please visit our sensory services and resources page