Oral Motor Chews

Collection: Oral Motor Chews

Oral motor chews are tools that provide oral stimulation, exercise the mouth muscles, build oral tone, and develop biting / chewing skills.  They are also useful as effective oral fidgets and available as discreet sensory chew necklaces. These tools help parents/caregivers, therapists and educators redirect behaviours like finger or knuckle biting, and chewing on shirts, etc. Providing a safe and controlled outlet for meeting oral sensory needs that can be calming for neurodiverse individuals. 

At Sensory Play Store, great consideration is given to the selection and design of our oral chew tools.  To ensure they cater for different ages, preferences and chewing strengths. From soft pliable and smooth to more tough and textured options. Offering a wide variety of choices to accommodate individual sensory preferences and oral motor needs. 

Whether you're a parent/caregiver, therapist or educator our oral motor chew tools are a valuable addition to any toolkit. They are suitable for individuals of all ages and abilities, including those with sensory processing challenges, Autism, ADHD, or other neurodiverse conditions.

Explore our range of oral motor chews and chewable necklaces today. Allowing you to provide a safer outlet for oral sensory needs whilst promoting positive oral motor skills.