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Children's Sensory Pod Swing

Children's Sensory Pod Swing

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Treat your kid to a sensory experience like no other with a Children's Sensory Pod Swing! Let them float, spin and sway while getting proprioceptive feedback, visual stimulus and tactile input from the swing itself. This hammock pod is the perfect place for children to hide, play and calm the mind and body!

Specifications of the Children's Sensory Pod Swing


  • 70cm diameter,
  • 1.3m length from top to bottom
  • holds upto 60 kg


    • heavy duty pure cotton which is lint-free and soft to touch
    • large removable and comfortable cushion (our cushion is real like a pillow, not an inflatable one)
    • durable fabric
    • easy to wipe clean
    • minimal space required, suitable for playrooms, sensory rooms or even in the bedroom


      • Requires  a suspension height of 200cm. If suspending above 200cm please use a rope to lower the height of the pod swing for safety.
      • Find a sturdy suspension point that can bear a weight of  60 kg
      • Suspend from a reinforced ceiling, tree limb or beam, metal loop and screws included

        How to care for your Sensory Swing 

        • Machine-wash on delicate cycle at a maximum of 30 °C
        • Line dry only - Do not tumble dry!
        • Provide adequate space to swing freely without  rubbing on the ground or surfaces
        • Bring inside at night to protect it from the dampness. If the child pod hammock becomes damp allow adequate air circulation to dry. 
        • Prior to storing in away clean and dry thoroughly and store in plastic to protect from any vermin.

        Please note that colours may vary slightly with each batch.

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