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Fidget Chair Bands

Fidget Chair Bands

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Transform any chair into a fidget-friendly zone with our Fidget Chair Bands! These bands provide physical activity to increase focus and attention, perfect for kids with ADHD. Say goodbye to restlessness and hello to productive sitting. Let those feet tap, bounce, and stretch freely while staying seated.

Chair bands can also be used to add a foot rest to chairs or stools for those who can't reach the floor. 

Need vary the level of resistance? We also offer a pack of 5 chair bands with various levels of resistance available now. Check out the  Resistance Sensory Chair Bands

How to install fidget chair bands

Simply attach the elastic loop to the front legs of your desk or dining chair for endless stretching and bouncing fun.

Perfect for in-class fidgeters (and maybe even teachers who need a break from grading!)

Features of the Chair bands

  • available in a pack of 5 (one each of red, yellow, blue, purple and pink) or individually.
  • colours selected at random please comment at checkout if you have a colour preference. 
  • can help support the core by providing support for the legs
  • students with short legs can rest their feet on the band
  • can be used as resistance band for exercise
  • made from latex


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