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Kaiko Slimline Hand Roller Fidget

Kaiko Slimline Hand Roller Fidget

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The Kaiko Slimline hand roller is a fidgety dream come true--it's 'soft' to the touch and smooth. These amazing infinity slimline hand rollers are hard to put into words! Rotate them around in your hand and then you will discover a deeply therapeutic and satisfying experience. 

If you're still not sure what a hand roller feels like? Grab a couple of fat textas (like whiteboard markers) then roll them around in your hand, side by side -it's almost the same thing!

Kaiko Slimline infinity Black Hand Roller 260g

The 260 gram slimline hand roller is perfect for those who like a quieter fidget.  Roll it between your palms, then roll it to massage, or use it for hand squeeze exercises and tendon glide actions. You'll be delighted with this all-rounder fidget. 

  • approximately 40mm overall width & 84mm length 
  • comes in a convenient and discreet black zip case
  • currently available in black
  • slim and 'soft' to touch 
  • non-metallic for a different feel

Please note, the Slimline infinity hand roller 100 grams range is discontinued. We're offering the 260g black infinity hand roller as a similar alternative. 

Prefer a metal hand roller? Then check out the popular oil slick hand rollers. Alternatively, for a stubby (slightly shorter and fatter) metal roller with similar weight, look at the Smooth 250g hand roller.

Not suitable for for children under 3.

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