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Kaiko Smooth Hand Roller 250g

Kaiko Smooth Hand Roller 250g

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Roll into relaxation with the Kaiko Smooth Hand Roller 250g! This slightly shorter and fatter roller is beautifully weighted and smooth.  So you can massage your muscles, roll between your palms, and rotate it in your hand with ease. Unwind with the satisfying sensation and find your chill with Kaiko!

The Kaiko hand roller fidget is suitable to use for squeeze exercises, tendon glide actions and wrist stretch with weights. For hand exercises it is best to use a lighter weight (100 gram to 180 gram).

For a lighter and or smaller hand roller check out the Kaiko Mini Hand Rollers 145g in Smooth or Textured. Or if you prefer a non-metal experience opt for the Slimline Hand Rollers. 

N.B. You should always stop any activity if experiencing any pain.

Features of the Kaiko Smooth Hand Roller 250 grams

  • comes with a zip-up black case for easy storage
  • smooth metal
  • approx. 42mm wide and 79mm long
  • a great tool to substitute for excessive hand washing or sanitising!


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