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Kaiko Mini Hand Roller in textured or smooth - 145grams

Kaiko Mini Hand Roller in textured or smooth - 145grams

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Mini Hand Roller Fidgets by Kaiko - Textured & Smooth options

Introducing Kaiko's Mini Hand Rollers, the perfect on-the-go sensory support in smooth or textured options! Smaller than the original rollers, making them easy to carry in your pocket. Use the textured one as a picking support, or simply enjoy the different touch sensations. Perfect for children and adults with small to average hands!

If you prefer a non-metallic feel we offer the Slimline Hand Rollers. Or people with larger hands may prefer the Stubby Smooth Hand Roller 250g

Features of the Kaiko Mini Hand Roller in textured or smooth

  • Weight: 145 grams
  • Size: approx. 84mm length and  40mm overall width
  • Comes in a zip up black carry case

How to use the Kaiko Hand Roller Fidgets?

  • Rotate and Roll: Engage in the delightful act of rotating the hand roller in your hand or rolling it between your palms for a mesmerising experience. Can also aid as an alternative for  in replacing excessive hand washing.
  • Massage Magic: Transform your hand roller into a mini massager by rolling it across your hands, providing a soothing and therapeutic sensation.
  • Texta Trial: For a sneak peek into the sensation, imagine holding two fat textas side by side in your hand and rotating them around each other – that's the kind of enjoyable movement the hand roller offers.
  • Hand Function Helper: Beyond the fun, hand rollers are fantastic for enhancing hand function. They've shown promising results in aiding individuals with conditions like dementia, Parkinson's, MS, and other hand function difficulties.
  • Carpal Tunnel Curiosity: Wondering if hand rollers help with carpal tunnel? While it's essential to consult your doctor or therapist, many have found relief. The gentle exercises mimic hand squeeze and tendon glide actions, often recommended for carpal tunnel relief.
  • Weighty Stretch: If wrist stretches with weights are part of your routine, the hand roller can tag along. Opt for lighter styles (145g, 180g, or 100g) to ensure a comfortable experience. Feel a gentle pull or stretch during use, but if pain creeps in, hit the pause button.

Not suitable for children under three years old.

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