Emotional Skills

Collection: Emotional Skills

At Sensory Play Store we bring social and emotional skills to life! We believe it is crucial for children to develop regulation and relationship skills by recognising their feelings and the emotions of others for their over all wellbeing. Our carefully curated collection of resources aims to support and nurture social and emotional learning approaches. 

Why is emotional regulation important?

When children and teenagers  understand and manage their emotions they are more likely to:

  • express their feelings in calm and appropriate ways
  • have better control of impulses
  • gain ability to understand themselves better
  • communicate effectively with others and
  • develop healthy relationships.

Our range of sensory toys and resources play an important role in this process, providing a safe and fun way for children to explore their emotions. Whether is through puzzles, flash cards or printable resources, we are sure to have a fun and engaging activity.

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Further information and research on approaches for social and emotional learning is available from CASEL