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Kaiko Caterpillar Bracelet

Kaiko Caterpillar Bracelet

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Keep your hands busy with the Kaiko Caterpillar Bracelet! This wearable fidget is perfect for teens and adults, because of itsweighted stainless steel beads that provide a soothing sensation. Its soft, gliding motion is also great for those who like to stim with fabric or Blue-Tac rollers. The Kaiko wrist and ankle caterpillar is discreet and quiet, making it the perfect choice for work, travel, or the classroom.

Caterpillar fidgets are effective for those who:

  • suffer trichotillomania
  • twirl or pull hair
  • stim with fabric
  • roll Blu-Tac
  • seek squishies or soft sensory input
  • want to decrease agitation when experiencing anxiety or dementia

How to wear the Kaiko Wrist and Ankle Caterpillar

These wearable wrist and ankle caterpillar fidgets by Kaiko come untied and will need to be tied each time to wear them. Unless you tie two sliding slip knots that will allow the wearer to easily adjust to remove or tighten. You can see how to tie a slip knot for your wearable caterpillar fidget.

The Caterpillar Fidget Necklace and the Hand Caterpillar are excellent alternatives to the Kaiko Caterpillar Bracelet. The Hand Caterpillar easily ties around the wrist and can drape down to the palm of the hand making the beads more accessible for fidgeting.  

Please note that the cord that can fray over time due to friction.  This is wear and tear and cannot be avoided. If you cut the cord seal the ends to minimise fraying.

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