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Kaiko Hand Caterpillar Fidget

Kaiko Hand Caterpillar Fidget

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The Kaiko Hand Caterpillar Fidget is the perfect discreet tool for fidgety hands. Its smooth stainless-steel beads glide between fingers with ease. Some also rub the cord. This fidget has a delightfully gentle touch. You can slide your fingers through the beads for a similar feeling to the pea popper. It's perfect for people who stim with cloth, Blu-Tack rollers or enjoy low sensory input as it smoothly moves between fingers & is incredibly relaxing. It's small, subtle and hushed. Being a quiet fidget, it's great for work, trips, or school.

Features if the Hand Caterpillar Fidget by Kaiko:

  • stainless steal beads
  • polyester cord with safety release clasp

This product has been helpful for those with and might be of aid:

  • hair twirl or pull.
  • suffer with trichotillomania.
  • stim with fabric.
  • roll Blu-Tac
  • love squishies and soft sensory input
  • also wonderful for decreasing agitation & worry

 Not suitable for children under three years old due to small parts and choking risk.

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