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Kaiko Mega Cog Spinner

Kaiko Mega Cog Spinner

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The MEGA COG Spinner by Kaiko Fidgets is the big daddy of the best selling cog fidget. It has a super fast spin, soft vibration & slight hum which is amazing. Rolling the cog over hands and fingers also offers satisfying sensory input.  Some like the way it "tickles" when spinning. Also, it is easily operated in one hand.

Kaiko Cog Spinners are small and discreet therefore they are a perfect sensory tool to pop in your pocket and take anywhere! Above all they are quiet, making them ideal for the workplace, travel or the classroom.

Product details for the Kaiko Mega Cog Spinner

  • Same size as a 50c coin. 
  • 40 grams which makes it beautifully weighted as well and a great size for adult or big hands! 
  • Comes in a gorgeous metal window display tin, making it perfect for gifting.

Please note each OIL SLICK varies in colour as they are all unique.  Each side of the cog is even different!  

    Not suitable for children under three years old.

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