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Kaiko Magnetic Fidget Rings

Kaiko Magnetic Fidget Rings

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Triple up your fidgeting routine with Kaiko Magnetic Fidget Rings! Featuring nearly double the magnet strip of other brands, these high-quality rings are coated with a subtle platinum finish that appeals to teens and adults alike.

These fidget rings offer endless possibilities for their use. Add multiple sets together to stack up your fidgeting fun. Connect them or float and spin one around another for a spectacular spin!  Ready to get creative? Let's go!

Also great to use in the palm of your hand as you can rotate them around and click them together on repeat. 

Features of the Magnetic Fidget Rings by Kaiko

  • wear one individually as a fidget ring
  • thicker magnetic strip
  • stackable, spinnable and wearable fidgets
  • comes in its own case
  • great fidget for keeping your fingers busy

Please note that use of hand sinister or other products on the hands may affect the appearance of the rings. This will not impact their function.

Not suitable for under 3 years of age.

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