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Kaiko Finger Spikey Duo sets

Kaiko Finger Spikey Duo sets

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Get the ultimate sensory experience with our Kaiko Finger Spikey Duo sets! This combo includes two sizes, standard and tighter, providing both firm and textured feedback. Made of stretchy and flexible powder-coated metal, these spiky finger rings are perfect for those who prefer strong sensory input. Don't miss out on exploring new sensations! 

Use for self-regulation, focus, and reducing unhealthy behaviours. Perfect for those who pick at their skin, nails, or clothes and as a harm minimisation tool. Available individually in standard and paired with a tighter spikey in these Duo sets!

For suggested ways to use your duo of Finger Spikey Fidgets by Kaiko take a look at the Kaiko Finger Spikey Fidgets

Features of the Duo Set of Kaiko Finger Spikey Fidgets

  • Made from expandable carbon steel metal
  • comes in a discreet clear case
  • available in a range of vibrant colours (contact us if the colour you want is not in)


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