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Classroom Sensory Pack

Classroom Sensory Pack

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Introducing our Classroom Sensory Pack - your one-stop shop to a more chill classroom! This Sensory pack gives you all the tools you need to help students manage their emotions and regulate their behaviour. Not to mention, it's a great way to promote concentration, foster calm, ease stress and encourage social interaction. Set your classroom up to be full of minds at ease and kids at peace!

Contents of the Classroom Sensory Pack 

  • 1 x Magnetic countdown timer and stand (18cm)
  • 1 x Starburst expandable ball
  • 1 x weighted lap blanket (pink or blue)
  • 1 x Emotional Regulation Pack
    • 1x Atomic Bead Stress Ball
    • 1x Colour Change Stress Ball
    • 1x Squishy Dinosaur Ball
    • 1x Squeezy Mesh Stress Ball
    • 1x Hand Pressure Stress Toy
    • 1x Bendy Monkey
    • 1x Four Square Liquid Timer
    • 2x Marble Fidget Toys
    • 1x Rainbow Slinky
    • 1x Balance Bird
    • 2x Spinning Top
    • 1x Rainbow Pop it (shape can vary)

Items may vary in colour

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