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Pullie Pal Stretchy Noodles

Pullie Pal Stretchy Noodles

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Introducing our Pullie Pal Stretchy Noodles, also known as Monkey or Sensory Noodles! These are our stretchy-est noodles yet, providing hours of fun (and a much-needed mood boost) while stretching, pulling, twisting, and twirling in all directions. Fidget noodles are a great sensory tool for providing tactile input and resistance.

Fidget noodles are awesome sensory toy for all ages, Each pack contains 6 noodles so there's enough for the whole family! Who knew pulling noodles could be sooo much fun? 

Features of Pullie Pal Stretchy Noodles:

  • Super stretchy and durable sensory noodles
  • stretch, pull, twist and twirl can assist stimming
  • fun stress sensory toy for all ages over 3
  • pack includes 6 different coloured fidget noodles
  • available in glitter or regular options

Educational use for play based learning

Monkey or sensory noodles are a fantastic tool to develop fine motor skills paired with some tongs or chopsticks. Allow children's imaginate to run wild in the kitchen as they play cooking with these colourful and stretchy sensory noodles.

Check out or Tin of Stretchy Noodles for varied tactile experiences.

Not suitable for children under 3 years of age. 

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