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Squishy Dinosaur Water Orbs

Squishy Dinosaur Water Orbs

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Unleash a prehistoric sensation with the Squishy Dinosaur Water Orbs. These tactile toys feature a squishy ball of colourful water orbs encased inside a soft squishy mesh dinosaur. The dino squishy can be squeezed to see the water orbs pop out for stress relief. Also known as Sensory Sensations Squeezy Dinosaur Ball.

Perfect for all ages above 3, including children with additional support needs.

What are you waiting for, get your dino lover squishy fix!

Features and benefits of the mesh dinosaur squishy

  • provides tactile stimulation
  • stress relief
  • manage anxiety
  • hand strengthening 
  • dexterity
  • sensory input
  • available in 3 different colours and designs

The Squeezy Dinosaur Ball is also available in a collection of Emotional Regulation Toys, our Classroom Sensory Pack and the Emotional Regulation Class Pack 

Colour chosen at random, you may indicate preference at checkout comments.

* Please note that the dino squishy water orbs are not suitable for children who may bite it or try to rip it as it can pop. 

Not Suitable for children under 3 years



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