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Sensory Snap Beads by Edushape

Sensory Snap Beads by Edushape

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Get ready for endless hours of sensory play with Sensory Snap Beads by Edushape! These colourful and textured beads not only promote gross and fine motor skills, but also provide a stimulating tactile experience for ages 1 and up. Encourage conversation and creativity while snapping together different shapes and colours.  Who knew learning could be this much fun?!

The Original Snap Beads 12 pce Set features:

  • 12 snap together beads in different colours
  • Durable and Washable pop links
  • Help kids develop their sensory skills
  • Highly pronounced bumps and textures provide sensory grip for tactile development
  • Provides a visual stimulation with play
  • Enhances creative, visual and fine motor skill development

Educational use of the Edushape Sensory Snap Beads

Engage toddlers in learning about shapes, colours and patterns while asking them questions such as "Where is the diamond? Can you find the green one? Or help me finish this pattern what comes next?

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