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Resistance Sensory Chair Bands - 5 pack

Resistance Sensory Chair Bands - 5 pack

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Resistance Fidget Bands

Sensory Sensation's Resistance Chair Bands are a perfect solution for providing quiet, non-distracting relief for students with restless legs, fidgety tendencies, anxiety, or a desire to move. This set includes 5 unique coloured fidget bands, each with its own level of resistance to suit the user's needs. The bands also benefit those with shorter legs by providing a place to rest their feet instead of dangling them all day.

Features & Benefits

  • 30cm x5cm
  • set of 5 resistance sensory chair bands with various levels of resistance
  • comes in a handy little drawstring pouch
  • attaches easily around the legs of a chair
  • provides proprioceptive input for legs and feet
  • made from latex

Easy-peasy installation - just stretch the elastic band around the front legs of your chair. Then you are ready to bounce those legs and focus!

If you prefer an individual band or bands with the same level of resistance you can purchase our Fidget Chair Bands by Elizabeth Richards 

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