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LCD Writing Tablet 11.5" - USB Rechargeable

LCD Writing Tablet 11.5" - USB Rechargeable

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Get ready to have some fun with the LCD Writing Tablet 11.5"! Perfect for homework, remote learning, travel, or supported learning sessions. Simialr to a boogie board, this LCD drawing tablet is comapred to a modern version of the classic etch-a-sketch. Use the stylus to write, draw, and play games. Even better, if you make a mistake you can just hit the delete button for a fresh start.

No need for paper or pencils - this USB rechargeable tablet has got you covered!

Unlike other LCD tablets this Kaiko USB rechargeable LCD tablet boasts a generous 11.5 inch screen and features an option to lock the screen. No more meltdowns when your little sibling hits the delete button halfway through your master piece. 

For adults, lock the screen and you have your daily todo list or shopping list.

Features of the LCD Writing Tablet 11.5"

  • 11.5 inch LCD display
  • weighs approx. 210g.
  • rounded dual tip stylus which assists in developing pencil grip
  • stylus has a hole to allow it to be secured to the board
  • lock/unlock button on the back
  • multi sensory tool to assist with learning
  • saves paper which is good for the environment
  • use for a communication tool
  • no batteries required
  • USB charging cord included

Instructions for the Kaiko LCD rechargeable tablet

  1. Select preferred screen mode (lock or unlock) at the back
  2. Then use the stylus to 'write' or 'draw' on the LCD baord
  3. When ready, you can delete the screen using the delete button. (Must be in 'unlock' mode to delete)
  4. Next make sure you take care or your LCD board by reading how to below and
  5. FINALLY, Have FUN !

How to care for your Boogie Board Drawing tablet

  • Avoid exposure above 40 degrees or minus 5 degrees (Do not leave in hot car).
  • Avoid using sharp objects or sticky items on screen.
  • Avoid dropping.
  • Keep dry (Do not immerse in water). 
  • Use a soft dry cloth to clean.
  • approx. weight 210g
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