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Kaiko Stretchy Sand

Kaiko Stretchy Sand

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Kaiko Stretchy Sand is the perfect sensory toy for all ages! This stretchy cotton sand feels like slime mixed with kinetic sand. However, it is not sticky like traditional kinetic sand, and still provides a satisfying tactile experience.  Comes with a cutter shape and easily vacuums up. Use it for play or stress relief - it's great for both!

Experience the magic of Kaiko Stretchy Sand as it becomes even stretchier and more pliable in the warmth of your hands. For an extra sensory experience, try adding your favorite essential oils. We even have essential oil versions available for you to choose from!

Product Details

  • 110g of sand
  • approx. 132 g in packaging 
  • comes with a cute cutter shape
  • non-toxic

Not for eating and not suitable for under 3 years of age.

Colour selected at random, please comment at checkout or email us if you have a colour preference and we will select your preference if available. 

Please note that colours may vary also from picture as each batch has variation. 

Wet hands, sanitizer/moisturizer recently applied, or similar colour could transfer to your skin or surroundings due to the sand's absorbency. Use common sense when handling. 

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