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Magnetic Drawing Pad

Magnetic Drawing Pad

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Unleash your child's creativity with our Magnetic Drawing Pad! Use the magnetic stylus, to lift the balls and depress them to erase.  This magnetic drawing board provides a fun, sensory experience. It's perfect for learning new letters, tracing shapes, and more. And when they're done, simply press down to erase.

Plus, the magnetic drawing board promotes fine motor and hand-eye skills. Great for literacy centres, fine motor activities and mathematics. Get ready for hours of fun and focus!

Features of the Magnetic Drawing Pad 

  • 21.5 cm x 17.5 cm in dimensions
  • The board has 380 holes each containing a tiny (and secure) magnetic ball.
  • magnetic stylus promotes pencil grip.
  • provides proprioceptive input in the hand muscles and joint via the magnetic “pull” and pushing of the beads. 

Educational uses for the magenetic drawing board:

  • Develop fine motor skills
  • use in maths for counting and forming groups 

Suitable for 3yrs+

Spare stylus available separately as special order 

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