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Kaiko Infinity Cube Metal Black 214g

Kaiko Infinity Cube Metal Black 214g

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Release your troubles with the Kaiko Infinity Cube Metal Black Fidget weighing  214g! Made from zinc alloy metal, this heavy cube effortlessly folds into itself, taking your fidgeting to the next level. With its luxurious and premium finish, the Kaiko Metal Infinity cube is sure to bring out your best ideas! 

Weight is an important element in sensory experiences with black being the heaviest in our range. We also have the NEW Mini Oil Slick Infinity Cube - 151g in our range and the Silver Infinity Cube which is the lightest and quietest as it is NOT made of metal. 

Features of the Kaiko Infinity Cube Metal Black 

  • comes in a sleek storage box
  • weighs 214 grams
  • Great gift for teens and adults
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