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Fidget Pad Controller

Fidget Pad Controller

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The Fidget Pad Controller is a compact gadget that offers over 7 different tactile experiences and ways to fidget. Perfect for all ages and can be conveniently carried in your pocket. 

Features of the Fidget Pad Controller

  • 4 colourful buttons two that click and two that are silent to push
  • A wobbly joystick like button.  
  • A silent rotating dial on the back which feels amazing to rotate your thumb around
  • A clicking switch on the back
  • A slider lever on side is a retractable button that you can slide and it retracts back to its place every time it moves. It is satisfying to flick down and allow it to spring back. Can be guided back quietly.
  • 2 x rotating dials one is silent for masasging the fingers while the other grinds like gears

So many different ways to fidget!

Noise rating: low level clicking

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