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Charlie the Weighted Monkey

Charlie the Weighted Monkey

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Meet Charlie the Monkey

Charlie the Weighted Monkey is a perfect addition to our range of sensory weighted plush animals. He provides comforting cuddles and calming sensory input when he's not playfully swinging through the trees. With his soft texture, Charlie the weighted Monkey delivers deep pressure therapy, which is excellent for relaxation.

Features & Benefits

  • Helps with self-regulation and promotes calmness
  • Soft fur provides tactile sensory input
  • Soft long tail is great for stroking
  • Comes in a handy reusable calico drawstring bag


  • Made of polyester and filled with polyester and glass beads
  • Weight approx. 1.8 - 2kg
  • Size: approx. 40cm tall

Please note that that there may be colour variations due to lighting or variations in dye.

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Safety and Care instructions

Spot clean with a damp cloth when necessary.  DO NOT put in the dryer or the microwave. Please ensure you regularly inspect for any damage. Do not lift by head, legs or tail. Please consult with your therapist before starting any type of weighted therapy. Not suitable for children under three years old, keep out of their reach.

Not suitable for under 3 year olds
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