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Xtra Long Slinky Spring -15 cm

Xtra Long Slinky Spring -15 cm

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Unleash your inner child with the Xtra Long Slinky Spring ! This vibrant 15cm magic spring has a slender 5cm diameter and will provide endless hours of entertainment and amusement. Perfect for stress relief, fidgeting, or just plain fun!

What can you do with your sparkly long slinky Spring?
you can:  

  • walk it down the stairs or a slope
  • develop coordination as you play with it in your hands
  • bounce it up and down like a yo yo

Features of the Xtra Long Slinky Spring

  • 15cm tall
  • 5cm diameter 
  • made with high quality plastic

Vary your collection with a range of magic springs such as the Plastic Rainbow Slinky and the Classic Metal Slinky

Be warned, coils can become entangled and create a mighty mission for yourself or your parents to unravel.

Comes in a variety of vibrant sparkly colours including blue, red, silver, green, gold/ yellow or rainbow.

Random colour selected at packing, you can request preference at checkout.

Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.




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