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Wacky Track Fidget Spinner

Wacky Track Fidget Spinner

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The Wacky Track Fidget Spinner has 3 arms that can be moved and manipulated into different shapes. In addition, it boasts a light weight smooth satisfying spin.  This little beauty is a combination of 2 most popular fidget toys: the Classic Fidget Spinner and Wacky Track Fidget Chains.

Featuring all the qualities of the Fidget Spinner. You can spin it on the tip of your finger and see how long you can balance it. Spin them on your desk and see how many you can stack and spin at the same time.

As well as the clickety features of the Wacky Track Fidget Chain: manipulate the arms into many shapes and unique configurations and listen to the satisfying clicking noises it makes.

Features of the Wacky Trach Fidget Spinner

  • Product size: approx. 9.5 x 9.5 cm when arms extended
  • Twist, click and shape the arms and then spin!
  • remove the arms to make a smaller spinner
  • 4 assorted colours

Recommended Ages 3 years +

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