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Volcano Liquid Timer | Sensory Timer

Volcano Liquid Timer | Sensory Timer

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The Volcano Lava Liquid Timer offers  a calming and captivating experience suitable for all ages, while also illustrating scientific principles. These timers make a wonderful addition to any sensory collection.

Liquid timers can also aid concentration – the visual allure of the consistent, rhythmic, and fluid motion offers a subtle and engaging chance to enhance visual tracking abilities.

An enjoyable toy for individuals of all ages, it mesmerizes everyone who watches it. Height 14cm

Advisory note: Liquid timers are made from acrylic plastic. They will not withstand being thrown or dropped onto hard surfaces. They contain mineral oils which may smell strongly if the product breaks. The contents are not toxic and are approved to Australian safety standards, however please under supervision to ensure safe use of the product.

Recommended Age: 5+

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