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Visual Countdown Timer - Small

Visual Countdown Timer - Small

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Stay on track and reduce anxiety with the Visual Countdown Timer from Sensory Sensations. This versatile 60-minute countdown timer counts the minutes which then helps you easily manage time and transitions. Whether you're timing study sessions, chores, or breaks, this little timer will clearly signal when time is up. Featuring clear "beeps" to signal when time has ended it ensures a smooth transition between tasks.

Ideal for individuals who benefit from a visual reminder of time, the countdown visual timer promotes focus and enhances productivity.

Features of the 60-minute Countdown Visual Timer

  • countdown upto 60 minutes
  • small desktop size
  • approx. 8cm x 4.5cm x 8cm 
  • compact and portable
  • simple to turn knob
  • large dial numbers counting by 5s
  • requires 2 x AAA batteries (maybe included)
  • 2 levels for volume control (high and low)
  • 2 options for alarm duration (3 secs and 60 secs)

This versatile tool is also ideal for counselling sessions, occupational therapy, stroke and brain injury rehabilitation, and geriatric care. By providing a clear visual of the remaining time, users can then better monitor their activities.  With its durable design and intuitive functionality, this 60-minute countdown timer is a reliable companion for classrooms, therapy sessions, and home. Navigate daily tasks with confidence and ease, making every moment count.

The Countdown Visual Timer is a valuable resource for helping individuals of all ages grasp the passing of time. The time disc can be easily moved  by turning the large knob in either direction, allowing for precise time management.

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