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Spectra Theraputty - premium grade exercise putty 85g

Spectra Theraputty - premium grade exercise putty 85g

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Strengthen and stretch your hand muscles with premium grade Spectra Theraputty! Most imporantly you can gradually increase resistance (with varying colours) while you improve hand-muscle strength and range of motion. This therapy exercise putty is not just for hand therapy but for fun activities, like finding hidden objects or rolling it into a snake.

Plus, it's non-oily, odour-free, and safe for all ages. So what are you waiting for? Get strong and get playful!

Features of the Spectra Therapy Exercise Putty

  • non-toxic silicone
  • unscented and non-oily
  • premium grade for hand therapy
  • available in four levels of resistance indicated by colour
  • comes in 85g tubs
  • develops hand-muscle strength

Select your Spectra Theraputty from a range of premium grade resistance levels. Fisrt start with Soft Yellow for beginners then gradually increase resistance as strength improves to Medium-Soft Red and Medium Green and finish up with Firm Blue for greater strength. 

Simple Theraputty Activities:

Exercise therapy putty is brilliant for helping children and adults with fine motor difficulties. We recommend you seek the guidance from your professional therapist regarding exercises and best use.

  1. Rolling a ball with both hands then
  2. Make a pancake by flattening the ball with both hands.
  3. Make a sausage by rolling the pancake.
  4. Spiky dinosaur: make a dinosaur by flattening the sausage with an index finger. Then using a pincer grip (index finger and thumb) pinch the putty squeezing it back up to make a spiky dinosaur.
  5. Dig for objects: Hide small coins or beads in the theraputty and roll it into a ball. Have the child find all the objects, they can pull apart the putty or dig the items out with tweezers.
  6. Pinch bits of putty off with one hand whilst holding it in the other hand. Take turns using a different finger against the thumb to aid in hand and finger strengthening. 

* STORE AT ROOM TEMPERATURE and do not leave in direct sunlight. AVOID contact on any fabric or textured surface. Always return to container when not in use. 

Not to be consumed, seek medical attention if consumed.

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