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My First Calendar - Magnetic Learning Board

My First Calendar - Magnetic Learning Board

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Discover an interactive and engaging way to learn all about the calendar and weather with the My First Calendar Magnetic Learning Board! Featuring a children's calendar and weather chart with magnetic pieces which describe the date, day of the week and weather. The magnetic board also has a swing cord making it convenient to suspend.

The magnetic calendar and weather chart is suitable for all ages and is a great learning tool to become aware of seasons, time and the environment. It is ideal and perfect for both the classroom and home learning.

Details of the My First Calendar Magnetic Learning Board:

  • Size of magnetic board is 32cm x 40cm (0.5cm thick)
  • contents include:
    •  1 x magnetic calendar
    •  1 x swing cord attached for hanging
    •  7 x magnetic days of the week
    • 12 x magnetic months
    •  4 x magnetic seasons 
    •  6 x magnetic weather cards: cloudy, partly cloudy, sunny, rain, sleet, snow
    • 12 x magnetic numbers: 0-9

My First Calender is a popular magnetic calendar for kids, classrooms and learning enviroments.

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