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Kaiko Oil Slick Fidget Spinner Cube

Kaiko Oil Slick Fidget Spinner Cube

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Oil Slick Square Spinning Cube

Experience the mesmerising effects of the Kaiko Fidget Spinner Cube! With its hypnotic and psychedelic design, this cube spinner offers a unique rainbow light show that will captivate anyone. Perfect for reducing stress and anxiety, and great for fidgety hands. Its weight and balanced design make it smooth and satisfying to spin.

Get ready to be captivated by this visual stim! Not only does it spin from holding either corners,  you can also pull it apart and use one component to spin on its own like a spinning top.

This is the most interactive fidget I have come across. At a casual dinner gathering it was an entertainment hit with my 30-50 year old pals as we created our own games.

Try some of these dinner party games:

  • Can you pass the cube while keeping it spinning? (Don’t drop it or stop that spin)
  • who can spin it like a spinner (dice) and touch the top while it keeps spinning?
  • who can spin it the longest?
  • who knows how the pieces stick together (is it a screw? Is it glue? No it’s a magnet!)
  • create your own challenges

Not suitable for children under three years old.

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