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Kaiko MEGA Spinning Gyroscope | Paper Weight

Kaiko MEGA Spinning Gyroscope | Paper Weight

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As per Customer demand check out the Kaiko MEGA Spinning Gyroscope! A mesmerising visual tool, desk fidget, and paper weight all in one. At 807 grams, it's heavy enough to spin smoothly and make a statement. Made from aluminium, this stunning gyro is sure to be a conversation starter. (Please don't throw it though - it's not a shot put!)

Features if the Kaiko MEGA Oil Slick Spinning Gyroscope 

  • 85mm in diameter 
  • 75mm high
  • weighs 807 grams
  • made from aluminium
  • comes with its own clear lid tin
  • calming to watch the gryo rotate

Available as special order- if sold out! Just email us to arrange one.

Not suitable for 3 years and under due to small internal parts.

Not suitable for those who might throw it if feeling dysregulated.

Kaiko recommends these for 15  year olds plus. 

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