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Hearing Protection Sensory Earmuffs

Hearing Protection Sensory Earmuffs

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Our Hearing Protection Sensory Earmuffs provide unbeatable hearing protection with a 27dB noise reduction rating to block out noisy crowds, airports, tools, or any other bothersome ambient sound. Ideal for both adults and kids, or neurodivergent children such as those with autism or sensory processing challenges with noise. These Sensory Earmuffs provide an extra layer of comfort with cosy padded ear cushions that easily fold away for convenience. Low profile clam design fits snugly and stays secure, making them stylish yet durable!

A great addition to any classroom or sensory room to help children calm down in an overstimulating environment.

Features and benefits of sensory earmuffs for hearing protection

  • light and compact
  • weighs 190 grams
  • approx. 15 x15 cms when compacted closed
  • adjustable height via sliding the muffs up or down the metel arms
  • a firm fit making it ideal for children or those with a narrow shaped head

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