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Dinosaur Balloon Ball Buddy

Dinosaur Balloon Ball Buddy

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Transform these soft squishy prehistoric creatures into a huge inflatable balloon toy with the Dinosaur Balloon Ball Buddy. Perfect for squeezing, throwing, and catching and they stay inflated for days! Buddy balls can easily be deflated for compact storage and inflated over and over again for reuse.

These balloon buddies are a sensory tool for respiration as they improve deep exhalation.  Bring some fun and play into your therapy with a balloon ball.

Features of the Dinosaur Balloon Ball Buddy

  • max inflated size: 25cm
  • includes straw for inflating
  • reusable and portable
  • throw it, squeeze it, catch it, and bounce it

How to inflate buddy ball balloon toys

  1. carefully insert the included straw into the opening 
  2. blow into the sraw to inflate upto 25cm in diameter, block the straw between breaths with your tongue to prevent air escaping between breaths
  3. quickly remove the straw to trap the air

To deflate your balloon toy simply insert the straw watch the air escape.


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