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Calm Fit Compression Singlet | Sensory Clothing

Calm Fit Compression Singlet | Sensory Clothing

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The Calm Fit Compression Singlet is the leading brand in sensory clothing in Australia. It is the perfect way to keep your child comfortable and regulated throughout the day. The calming clothing technology helps children filter sensory information and regulate their body. 

How does Sensory Clothing Technology work?

Calming sensory singlets provide reassuring gentle pressure. This gives proprioceptive feedback (information received from muscles and tendons, concerning body movement and position). This helps to maintain a calm state and is designed to wear all day, every day to keep the sensory system relaxed.

Crafted from high-quality milk polyester fabric with excellent compression and recovery. These sensory singlets are breathable and comfortable to wear all day, while their sturdy stitching ensures long-lasting wear.

Features of the Calm Fit Compression Singlet 

  • Australian designed and owned
  • Superior, breathable, 4 way stretch super smooth milk polyester /spandex material,
  • Full torso coverage.
  • Suitable for children with sensory issues.
  • Best quality and value for sensory clothing in Australia

Calm Fit Size Guide

Calm Fit Size and measurement guide

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