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Calm Buddi Turtle

Calm Buddi Turtle

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Meet our latest pal the Calm Buddi Turtle - the quirky, pocket-sized anxiety-relief fidget which is AUSTRALIAN MADE and Eco-Friendly. Made entirely from recycled plastic in the heart of Sydney. Let your fingers run along its textured curves then open the shell to prick against the spikes or rub against the smooth under shell for a soothing and grounding experience. Get ready to fidget your worries away with this innovative and eco-friendly fidgeting device!

Take this Turtle with you wherever you go - slip it in your pocket or onto your keyring! Whether you're feeling antsy or stressed, it'll keep you company and provide sensory satisfaction...even when you're fiddling with the open/close feature!

Now you can get hurt without actually inflicting harm with this harm minimisation tool. Perfect for those who need deep focused pressure for regulation and thrive on sensory input. Don't forget to explore our other tools, like the finger spikey and the caged fidget.

Calm Buddi Turtle Dimensions 

  • Length 60mm
  • Width 38mm
  • Height 20mm

These Calm Buddi Turtles come in their own unique range of colours reflecting nature:

  • OCEAN - Cool tones of blue green and indigo
  • LAVA - Warm tones of yellow orange and red
  • CLOUD - Pastel tones of blue yellow pink and orange
  • STORM - Dark tones of grey and black

Each turtle is unique and will have great variations in colour to the pictures. This can appear as small flecks of different colours.

Care Instructions

Wipe clean with warm water and a soft cloth. Avoid abrasive towels, sponges and cleaning sprays.

WARNING: Not for children under 3 years old. Use under adult supervision. 
Contains small parts, may be a choking hazard.  

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