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Body Sock Sensory

Body Sock Sensory

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Get your sensory fix with a Sensory Body Sock! Stretchy, compressible, and regulating, it's the ultimate way to improve proprioception, balance, and motor planning skills - all while having fun! Made with high quality, translucent yet resistive fabric, this body sock won't restrict your movement. It's a win-win!

Features of the Sensory Body Sock

  • currently available in blue.
  • other colours may be available as special orders
  • made with quality translucent yet resistive fabric.
  • offers full body pressure to improve proprioception while assisting with balance and motor planning skills
  • body Sock available in Australia by Australian Suppliers

Body Sock available in 3 sizes

  • Small : 100cm tall x 61cm
  • Medium: 120 cm tall - reduced price with alternative brand that comes with buttons down the black trim)
  • Large: 140 cm tall x 70cm

Stretch, compress and regulate with a body sock today!



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