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Balloon Helicopter

Balloon Helicopter

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Introducing the Balloon Helicopter - the perfect toy to strengthen oral motor skills! Blow up the balloon for developing deep breathing in and out while also assisting with self-regulation. Then attach the helicopter for endless fun and an added tool for working on eye-tracking.

This breathing tool is perfect for solo play or take turns and practice social skills. Then take off like a chopper and explore the sky!

Product Features:

  • Each pack includes: 2 x balloons and 5 pieces to assemble 1x propeller. 
  • Product packaging size: 9.5 x 21.5 cm
  • Propeller blades span approx.: 15 cm or 30 cm diameter 
  • Makes a whistling sound as it whirls around

Available in red, green or yellow, colour selected at random.

How to assemble the Balloon Helicopter

  1. Attach the propeller blades to the rotor
  2. Then connect the balloon to the short side of the tube (by wrapping it over the lip)
  3. Inflate the balloon by blowing on the long end of the tube and pinch the neck once inflated.
  4. Connect the rotor with the balloon attached to the tube, while holding the neck of the balloon closed. 
  5. Hold the balloon chopper horizontally and release!
  6. Have fun watching it fly up

Not suitable for children under 3 years

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