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Balance Bird

Balance Bird

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Experience the balancing act of the Balance Bird! This weighted eagle promotes eye tracking, dexterity, and scientific principles of balance, while providing a fun and calming distraction. Part of the Sensory Sensations range. Children love to explore the different places they can balance this beauty from. Balance it on the end of a texta or your finger. Can you balance it on your nose and walk too? 

As a teacher, the Balancing Bird is a favourite tool for restoring calm and positivity in the classroom. When I notice children starting to get restless, I invite one to balance it on their fingertip. Almost like magic, the atmosphere becomes peaceful and focused. The children are mesmerised by the bird's ability to hover, inspiring them to stay still and keep it balanced.

Features and Educational value of the Balance Bird

  • height on stand approx. 8 cm
  • wing span width approx. 12cm
  • promotes eye tracking
  • balance it to develop dexterity
  • calming and distraction tool
  • demonstrates scientific principals including:
    • centre of gravity,
    • balance
    • weight distribution
    • forces
  • includes 1 bird and 1 base
  • available in two varieties of colour. 

Not Suitable for children under 3 years

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