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Ark Wingamajigs Spinning Fidget Pencil Topper

Ark Wingamajigs Spinning Fidget Pencil Topper

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Ark Fidget Pencil Topper

The Ark Wingamajigs Spinning Fidget Pencil Topper is a real treat!  It'll make your pencil fly while keeping hands busy and the mind focussed. We currently have the popular Dragonfly wingamajig featuring two spinning wings. This pencil top fidget can also be used as a hand fidget that you spin independently without a pencil. 

Slide the  over a pencil as a pencil topper for fidgety homework breaks. Who said learning can't be fun?

Details of the ARK Wingamajig Spinning Fidget

  • Each fidget (not including the pencil) measures about 6.4cm tall
  • Use them as a hand fidget or a pencil topper fidget
  • Each fidget comes with an eraser-less pencil
  • Made in the USA
  • Recommended for ages 5 years and up (no age limit) under adult supervision
  • Best used with an eraser-less pencil (each Wingamajig comes with one).
  • Recommend for ages 5 and up.

Please note: these are not chewable.  To see our range of ARK chews, click here.

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