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6-Sided Fidget Cube

6-Sided Fidget Cube

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Let your mind relax while your hands run wild with the classic 6-Sided Fidget Cube! It's a pocket-sized powerhouse of puzzles and activities that'll keep you occupied, focused, and calm. Don't let its size fool you - this fidget cube's built with robust materials to last longer than your latest TikTok fad. Get your fingers moving and your mind focused - it's time to fidget!

Features of the 6-Sided Fidget Cube

  • Click Buttons for satisfying clicks.
  • Joystick for smooth movement.
  • Switch for flipping back and forth.
  • Spin Dial for rotating.
  • Roll Ball for thumb rolling.
  • Spin Disc for finger spinning.
  • Textured Surfaces for tactile stimulation.

Not Suitable for children under 3 years of age

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