Complementary Sensory Services and Resources

At Sensory Play Store we go beyond just offering exceptional service and sensory tools. Our "Complementary Sensory Services and Resources" page is a carefully curated hub designed to elevate and support your sensory journey. Delve into a collection of valuable resources and information chosen to complement and enhance the well-being of individuals with unique sensory sensitivities.

This is a dedicated space for those seeking a harmonious blend of products and services, tailored to diverse needs. Your and your child's well-being are our priority, and we are thrilled to share these inclusive resources with you.

Industry Resources

We stay up to date with the latest research and best practices in education from trusted organisations such as the Australian Association of Special Education (AASE), and Auspeld, This helps us to partner with you in providing evidence-based educational resources.

Professional associations

The team at Sensory Play Store knows the complexities parents and teachers face supporting your child's sensory processing difficulties . We are here to support you in finding the right tools to help you support your child or students. The Australian Parenting Website can be a great starting point in navigating parenting and educating children with special needs.