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Sensory Stick Glitter Hourglass

Sensory Stick Glitter Hourglass

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Embrace a sense of calm with the mesmerising Sensory Stick Glitter Hourglass! Watch in awe as the vibrant colours erupt and swirl like a volcano, providing endless fascination and relaxation. Whether you need sensory relief or just want some quirky decor, this captivating glitter stick is sure to add some fun to your day. 

Evoke the senses and spark an interest in science watching the inner colour defy gravity as it erupts and spirals upwards whist the calming glitter swirls down and around the edges.

Features of the Sensory Stick Glitter Hourglass

  • runs for about 45 seconds
  • 20 cm tall
  • approx. 5cm diameter
  • available in three vibrant colours

Colour selected at random for online orders. 

Not suitable for children under 3

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