ARK Sensory Bookmark Fidget Set (3 Pack)

ARK Sensory Bookmark Fidget Set (3 Pack)

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Add some fidgety fun and functionality to your reading experience with ARK's Sensory Bookmark Fidget Set! This discreetly designed fidget is a seemingly innocent "bookmark" that blends in among your desk objects, but secretly offers sensory relief.

Glide your fingers over four diverse textured areas - tiny bumps, bigger bumps, straight lines, and diagonal lines. The lines provide a subtle sensation while the bumps offer a stronger tactile experience, catering to various levels of touch sensitivity.

As an added bonus the bookmarks can also be used as a textured spoon or for writing to assist in spaces between words.

Features & Benefits of Sensory Bookmark Fidget Set

  • 15.24 cm long
  • 1.9 cm wide
  • comes in a pack of 3
  • each includes 4 different textured sections
  • Soft and bendy
  • Discreet for any setting
  • Full of fidgety fun
  • Made in the USA



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