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12 Sided Fidget - Dodecagon

12 Sided Fidget - Dodecagon

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The 12 Sided Fidget, Dodecagon is the perfect way to focus and soothe anxiety. With 12 sides for your fidgeting pleasure, it ensures greater variety and satisfaction right in the palm of your hand. Features a flexible silicone loop strap to secure to bag or hook.

Features of the 12 sided fidget

  • Gears: 3 gears can be turned and rolled, making a tinkling sound. 
  • Rotating Dial : wind it round and around with your thumb.
  • Buttons
  • Silicone Ball that is soft and comfortable to touch with great elasticity.
  • Switch for those itching for some switching.
  • Joystick: 360 degree movable joystick rotatable in all directions. 
  • Silicone String to secure to your bag or a hook.
  • Soft Button: similar to the tip of ballpoint pen 
  • Soft Silicone: soft to touch and can massage and promote blood flow of the fingers.
  • Worry Stone: rubbing this side frequently with your fingers soothes stress and anxiety. 
  • Sliders: moving the sliders at your own pace for instant satisfaction.
  • Minions: pinch their cute faces - they never get angry.

These tactile gadgets are specifically designed to help you focus and improve cognitive performance.

Colours may vary for the 12 sided fidget dodecagon

Recommended Ages 3 years +

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